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Crisis Communications: When “IT” Hits the Fan


  • Gerard Braud
    CSP, Fellow IEC

Known as the
 guy to call when 
“it” hits the fan, 
Gerard Braud 
(Jared Bro) is an
 expert in crisis
 and media issues.
 He is an international trainer, author and speaker, who has worked with organizations on five continents.

He is the author of Don’t Talk to the Media Until… 29 Secrets You Need to Know Before You Open Your Mouth to a Reporter.

Gerard has been active in the field of communications since 1979. For 15 years, he worked in print, radio and television as a front line journalist. His affiliate reports have been seen around the world on NBC, CBS, CNN and the BBC.

Course Objectives:

Leadership When “It” Hits the Fan

  • Understanding the behaviors of leaders
  • Defining the personality flaws of leaders
  • Identifying the choke points of crisis communications
  • Outlining elements of an effective crisis communications plan

Social Media When “It” Hits the Fan

  • Examining the need for speed
  • Considering the external impact of social media
  • Unlocking internal best practices for using social media

What is Your “It”? – Vulnerability Assessment Exercise

  • Practical exercise to know what might be a crisis in your organization

Know Your Audience When “It” Hits the Fan

  • Practical exercise to understand with whom you must communicate in a crisis
  • Understanding what your audience wants to know and how they want to receive the information

Media Interviews When “It” Hits the Fan

  • News release writing – the long and short of it
  • Interview role-playing
  • Interview critiques and lessons learned

Departing with a To-Do List

  • Practical goal setting
  • Establishing timelines for completing tasks

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