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Critical Incident Response: “Commanding Through Chaos”


Commanding Through Chaos was developed to guide public-safety professionals, as first-response commanders, through the chaos of critical incidents. This course focuses on “operational command” within the “Golden Hour” of a critical incident. Other programs highlight the history, features, principles, and/or structure of ICS and NIMS. This course moves the participant through and beyond these topics and into the “hot seat” of operational command by utilizing table-top discussions, micro-scenarios, and simulation. Tools and strategies are presented to help first-response commanders quickly understand what is happening so that they can better recognize and apply appropriate resources to bring control to the situation.

First-response commanders recognize that critical incidents test their capabilities. This training puts the “lesson before the test” to build confidence as both a leader and manager in times of acute crisis. Once completed, participants will know how to incorporate elements of ICS and NIMS into a crisis event and leverage resources, management, and leadership strategies to successfully navigate and control the event.

– Analyze the nature of critical incidents and the demands they place upon police agencies and
– Identify immediate problems from which to prioritize work during a crisis event
– Explain how stress affects performance in crisis
– Identify attitudes & attributes required for leading & managing others during crisis
– Explain the principles & basic structure of ICS & NIMS – Describe how NIMS management characteristics apply to ICS & Unified Command
– Describe the authority process and “management-by-objectives” principle
– Define functions of Command before, during, and after a critical incident
– Discuss initial response to management phase
– Discuss political interactions
– Review important “lessons learned”
– Participate in discussions and realistic exercises that reinforce the lessons taught

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