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Mastering Leadership: Secrets to Success for New Supervisors


  • Sean Carroll
    Sergeant, Providence (RI) Police Department

Most experts agree that having solid leadership potential is critical to advancing your career, but did you know that shocking new information reveals more than half of all supervisors are doomed to fail before they even begin? A recent survey asked a large group of supervisors to rank a list of life’s most stressful challenges in order of difficulty and, at all levels, the one thing that ranked above dealing with family issues, health problems, moving, divorce, and even death was an upward transition at their job. In a follow-up survey 2 years after the promotions, almost half of them were rated as either disappointments or outright failures. Even worse, a more recent survey showed 58% of all supervisors said they received NO management training at all after being promoted.

This course unlocks the secret to the enigma of organizational leadership in today’s society.  Here are just a few of the proven concepts you will learn:

  • What are the four words that sum up your two main objectives to becoming a good leader?
  • What are the top 12 traits of a successful public safety leader?
  • What is the “Law of the Lid” and how should it help dictate your agency’s leadership development?
  • What is the #1 thing employees say their manager could give them to inspire them to produce great work?
  • What is a “Milk Money Boss” and how can s/he ruin your agency?
  • Which two traits are absolutely required to gain the loyalty of the people under your command?
  • How should the concept of “Extreme Ownership” factor into your agency’s leadership development philosophy?
  • What is the “A.I.O.” strategy and how can it positively impact every facet of a successful management culture?  
  • What is the “Newspaper Test” and how should it be used to make decisions?
  • What is the “Boiled Frog Phenomenon” and how can it kill you, your career or your agency?

This two-hour webinar will teach effective strategies that are also simple enough for anyone to master immediately, regardless of previous education or training.

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