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Leadership in Law Enforcement: The Narrow Road

Leadership in Law Enforcement: The Narrow Road

  • Dr. Jack Enter
    Jack Enter and Associates, GA
  • Murray, UT
  • West
  • January 16, 2020
Registration Fee:
  • $195.00

The law enforcement profession is continuing to face significant challenges in its operational and organizational roles. Unfortunately, one of the more pressing issues facing American law enforcement agencies may be the failure of its supervisors and managers to consistently practice recognized leadership principles that they learn in management training programs. Most supervisors and managers seem to take the “path of least resistance” when dealing with problem employees or in communicating with employees. This “wide road of mediocrity” is believed to be the primary path of most managers and these leadership failures have become a significant form of stress and frustration for the law enforcement culture. This program examines why these problems occur, and the practical methods that managers and supervisors and managers can use to become effective leaders and walk the narrow road of leadership excellence – both at work and at home. Among the subjects covered include:

  • Becoming a leader who makes a difference in the organizational culture.
  • What causes stress for managers/personnel in the agency environment?
  • Why managers can fail to be effective.
  • Agency factors which can influence leadership failure.
  • Weaknesses in leadership assessment.
  • Strategies for building leadership skills in the agency.
  • The use of self-awareness tools.
  • Building a leadership culture.
  • Motivating employees.
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