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Taking the Lead: Courageous Leadership for Today’s Public Safety

Taking the Lead: Courageous Leadership for Today’s Public Safety

  • Harry P. Dolan
    Chief of Police (Ret.)
  • West Palm Beach, FL
  • South
  • January 22, 2020
Registration Fee:
  • $195.00

“Taking the Lead”: Courageous Leadership for Today’s Public Safety Professionals provides public safety professionals of all ranks, sworn and civilian, with practical time-tested leadership lessons learned from the arena. The program has been developed to prepare today’s leaders to confront the new reality of heightened transparency and unprecedented expectations.

As one of the nation’s most experienced police chiefs, Harry P. Dolan, places a laser-like focus on specific leadership actions and traits that have led to success or failure when navigating challenging times. “We are not doomed to repeat history if we grow to understand that war stories may indeed be case studies. When combined with evidence-based research, these case studies and practical experience contain valuable leadership lessons.”

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the research on field leadership in public safety: STOP guessing and start applying what we know works.
  • Establish a solid understanding of performance motivational theory.
  • Identify what great leaders do when bad things happen.
  • Understand commander’s intent, unity in command and groupthink.
  • Build and maintain professional ethics throughout the organization: Why the “taking care of the troops” philosophy doesn’t have to result in compromising high expectations.
Developing Organizational Performance Leadership