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The New Police Chief: Toolkit for Success

The New Police Chief: Toolkit for Success

  • Harry P. Dolan
    Chief of Police (Ret.)
  • Jan 11, 2021
  • 2:00 - 4:00pm EST
Individual Fee:
  • $95.00 per registered attendee
Group Rate:
  • $95.00 for the first attendee - $50.00 per each additional attendee
Agency Pricing:
  • Please contact us for an agency-wide pricing quote

Serving as a chief of police is one of the most honorable professions in law enforcement, but it can also be one of the most challenging for the men and women who first accept the role. In addition to leading their local agencies, new chiefs must also build trust and navigate relationships with local political leaders, city staff, prominent constituents, and more. In this two-hour webinar, retired Chief Harry P. Dolan will teach you what new chiefs need to know about leading from the front.

  • What does it take to get a job as a police chief- Do I have the right stuff and is it really for me?
  • What is it truly like being a police chief: Would most of them do it again?
  • Does it hurt to apply if you don’t get the job: Will the folks back home still like me?
  • What is the interview and background process actually like?
  • Is there a difference between working for a city manager or mayor?
  • Once hired, what to do and not do in the first year- The power of experience & mentorship.
  • How to keep the job- If I can’t keep the job, how to depart with style.
  • Keys to survival: As either an inside or outside chief.
  • Lessons learned from chiefs who have succeeded and failed- “Welcome to the Arena.”
  • Chief Dolan’s keys to success- It’s lonely at the top, but the view is great!
  • How to navigate external and internal politics and ethical dilemmas.
  • How to retire healthy- know when it’s time to leave.
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