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About Us

Dolan Consulting Group is a leading provider of training for police and public safety officers across the country. 


Founded in 2016 by retired Chief Harry P. Dolan, DCG offers the high quality in-person and virtual training that law enforcement professionals need to continue their education and career development.

We’ve brought together experienced law enforcement instructors to form a training staff that includes retired and active police leaders, attorneys, and academics. All of our instructors focus on providing research-based content and using up-to-date teaching techniques to keep adult learners engaged and equipped with actionable take-aways to improve their performance.

Our classes cover a broad range of today’s most relevant policing topics:

Find the best training to fit your agency – in-person, live-streamed, or on-demand.

For virtual training, we’ve invested in the best online training technology available to provide high-quality video and audio. Collaborate in real-time with your instructors and peers in one of our interactive live-stream classes. Or access training content on-demand with our extensive list of recorded trainings


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