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Training to Meet Your Public Safety Challenges

Police officers face closer scrutiny than ever, and it is crucial that the training tape doesn't run out in preparing them for that environment. Agencies need cutting edge training to successfully protect their communities.
Developing Organizational Performance Leadership
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January 27, 2020

New Detective Training

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January 30, 2020

Early Intervention: PTSD and Suicide Prevention©

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January 13, 2020

Recruiting Cops Who Will Stay

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At Dolan Consulting, we value training based in real-life experiences that help public safety officials fulfill their duties. Instead of just telling you stories about how things were done “back then,” we’ll show you how to excel in today’s challenging environments.

Our classes cover training in every facet of an officer’s career:

  • Recruiting officers and properly screening candidates before they join your agency.
  • Strengthening the skills of your officers through supervision training, verbal de-escalation, and more.
  • Promoting in-house talent after preparing your officers for leadership roles.
  • Minimizing liability, defending personnel decisions in arbitration, and safeguarding public trust in your community.
  • Retiring healthy officers at the end of successful careers.

Many of our classes are applicable to people in all careers. If you need to save an employee’s career through effective discipline or understand how social media can affect your professional life, then we invite you to find training that fits your organization’s needs today.