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Community Policing Train the Trainer Program


  • Harry P. Dolan
    Chief of Police (Ret.)

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Police-community relations are, by all accounts, the most critical issue facing law enforcement in America today. Recently U.S. law enforcement officers and agencies have experienced a period of public hostility and lack of support not seen since the 1960s. This 2 and ½ -day train the trainer program will provide law enforcement trainers with evidence-based recommendations about how to regain and improve local citizen satisfaction and confidence in their local police. This training utilizes the findings from social scientific research to identify what factors influence citizen satisfaction with the police, then provides real-life case study examples to illustrate each of the solutions identified by the research. This training is suited for law enforcement professionals of any rank who engage in helping direct agency operations and assist in forming departmental policies.

DCG offers a 2 and ½ -day (18-training hours) course tailored specifically for trainers in the Winning Back Your Community: Improving Public Perception of Police Program. Participants will be provided with all course material: Lesson Plan, Course Workbook, PowerPoint Presentation, and supporting research articles. In addition, instructor development content, adult learning principles, and practical exercises are provided bringing all the course material together. The course utilizes classroom instruction, analysis of videotaped police-citizen interactions, and practical exercises to train attendees how to win back your community and improve the public perception of the police. The course instructors are experienced law enforcement officers who have practiced these skills over countless hours in the field in real police-citizen encounters.  


Course Objectives

  • Overview the History of Community Policing
  • Identifying Today’s Policing Challenges
  • Policing Strategies Throughout the Decades
  • Problem Solving with SARA
  • Relationship Between Social Disorder and Community Engagement
  • Pareto 80/20 Rule and Community Quality of Life
  • Predictive Policing; From Crime Mapping to 7/24 Intelligence Led Operational Support
  • What has experience and empirical research evidence revealed about what police can do to improve citizen satisfaction?
  • Confronting De-policing Challenges
  • What steps can law enforcement agencies take to improve citizen satisfaction?
  • Factors found to influence general citizen satisfaction with the police
  • Bringing Everything into Congruence
  • The Future of Policing & Leadership Thoughts

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Improving Public Perception of the Police

  • “Harry Dolan was one of the best instructors I have encountered in 28 years of service.”

-Lieutenant, Wisconsin

Developing Organizational Performance Leadership