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Homicide Investigation Training


  • Everett C. Babcock
    Cpt., Kansas City Police Department, MO

This class is focused on the proper management of scenes involving unattended deaths. The class begins with a review of basic crime scene and investigative principles, and then moves into the specific topic of managing scenes involving death.

This class will address the recognition, identification, interpretation and documentation of signs of death, and how these skills work together to further the investigative process. It will also address basic issues which arise during death investigations, such as legal authority while handling the crime scene, and issues which may arise during the interviews and interrogations of involved parties.

This class is highly interactive and calls on the attendee to use the knowledge used in the class to interpret crime scenes and organize an investigative plan. The attendee will be presented with actual scenarios from real investigations.  

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Homicide Investigation

  • “This course was one of the best & most informative courses I have ever taken. Capt. Babcock’s expertise in the course matter is excellent.’

-Deputy, Florida

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