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Saving Police Careers Through Early Intervention


  • Brian McEwen
    Sergeant, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, IN

In law enforcement agencies across the country, there is a tendency to address misconduct issues only after the officer’s situation has become the topic of media attention or even criminal charges. As a result, public trust is negatively affected and severe officer discipline—often termination—become inevitable. It is vital that agencies break this pattern and embrace early intervention as a method of minimizing the damage ultimately done to officer safety, public safety and officers’ livelihoods when cumulative issues—left untreated—rise to the level of crisis.

This course will prepare public safety professionals, human resources personnel and union leaders to craft strategies intended to address police misconduct and crisis in the early stages, save careers when possible and increase the safety of law enforcement professionals and the public they serve.

  • Identifying Toxic Officers and understanding the importance of early intervention before officers are in crisis.
  • The “nuts and bolts” of early intervention and the role of coaching and progressive discipline.
  • Recognizing your traits as a leader and your employees’ personality training in determining effective intervention strategies.
  • Performance appraisals as “wake up calls” to save careers.
  • Engaging in early intervention with the goal of decreasing discipline and minimizing liability.

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