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Verbal De-escalation Training: Surviving Verbal Conflict®


  • Harry P. Dolan
    Chief of Police (Ret.)
  • Paul W. Luster
    Major, Kansas City Police Department, MO
  • Daniel Nieters
    Lieutenant, Raleigh Police Department, NC


Today’s increased service demands and the scrutiny placed upon public safety professionals have resulted in a growing need to master verbal conflict management skills. When negative verbal encounters escalate to the point where physical intervention is used, criticism often results when it is later discovered that there is little evidence of verbal de-escalation techniques employed by officers. This is particularly true when incident video and audio reviews are utilized. In some cases, it has become clear that the verbal actions of the public safety responders served to escalate the situation. Administrators are now asking, “Is this an area in which the training tape has run out? Have we adequately trained our personnel to successfully manage and respond to verbal confrontations in a professional manner?”

Verbal De-escalation training provides public safety professionals with time-tested communication skills proven to help de-escalate volatile situations, safeguard fellow officers’ emotional and professional well-being, and significantly enhance the agency’s professional image. The course also provides opportunities for the participants to participate in practical skill building so that when they complete the two-day training they are well on their way to becoming more effective professionals in communication.

Course Objectives:

  • Improve public safety professionals’ verbal communication skills
  • How to apply Rhetoric- Aristotle’s Art of Persuasion (The art of using speech to persuade) when deflecting & redirecting verbal abuse
  • Develop an understanding of Chief Dolan’s “Guardians of the Peace” concept “Language of the Street Fallacy”, “TUI Pattern” (texting, typing or talking under the influence)
  • Diffuse potentially volatile verbal encounters
  • Avoid the “Rope-A-Dope Syndrome”
  • Understand the importance of managing “Hyper vigilance”
  • Raise organizational morale and grasp the concept of “Police Legitimacy”
  • Manage your verbal triggers & sidestep the “Niagara Falls Walk”
  • Significantly enhance the agency’s image throughout the community
  • Practice “Verbal Contact & Cover” principles
  • Apply the FAA’s “Sterile Cockpit Rule” on duty
  • Understand the importance of “Chief Dolan’s 24 Hour Rule” as a key component of communication success

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Verbal De-escalation Training for Corrections: Surviving Verbal Conflict® 01/05/2023 Harry P. Dolan
Chief of Police (Ret.)


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Verbal De-Escalation for School Resource Officers: Surviving Verbal Conflict® 07/12/2023 Harry P. Dolan
Chief of Police (Ret.)


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Surviving Verbal Conflict®: Overcoming Client Verbal Resistance for Community Corrections Professionals 07/13/2023 Harry P. Dolan
Chief of Police (Ret.)


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Verbal De-escalation Training for Campus Police & Security: Surviving Verbal Conflict® 07/19/2023 Harry P. Dolan
Chief of Police (Ret.)


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Surviving Verbal Conflict®: Verbal De-Escalation Skills for Telecommunications Dispatchers 08/29/2023 Harry P. Dolan
Chief of Police (Ret.)


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Verbal De-escalation Training: Surviving Verbal Conflict® 01/01/2023 Harry P. Dolan
Chief of Police (Ret.)


10-hour Learn More


Verbal De-escalation: Surviving Verbal Conflict

  • “…Lt. Nieters’ ability to teach this class truly gripped me into seeing [that] I need a change. Hope to attend further training.”

-Patrolman, South Carolina

Verbal De-escalation: Surviving Verbal Conflict

  • “I’ve sent 2 of my team members to Verbal De-Escalation. I’ve had it & it’s an amazing class. After encounters, I see the 180 degree difference in these young officers! I will petition to send all of them.”

-Attendee, North Carolina

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