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Developing Organizational Performance Leadership

Traffic Stop Data Analysis

Law enforcement leaders today often have to respond to allegations of racial profiling levelled against their agency by the news media, individual citizens, activist groups or politicians. In response to these allegations, many law enforcement agencies examine their traffic stop, arrest, or use of force data for evidence of racial bias in these agency activities. […]

Evidence-Based Recruiting and Retention Analysis

Law enforcement agencies across the country are struggling to recruit enough quality applicants to fill officer vacancies. Many are also under increasing pressure to obtain greater gender and racial diversity in their hiring process. As a result, law enforcement agencies need evidence-based solutions to increase the effectiveness of their recruiting efforts and retain the good […]

Traffic Stop Data Analysis Training

Some law enforcement agencies have personnel with the talent and resources to conduct their own traffic stop data analysis project, but lack knowledge of the most state of the art methods. This 7-hour training course is designed to educate the personnel responsible for producing your agency’s traffic stop data report. It discusses the most current […]

Evidence-Based Strategy or Program Evaluation

Programs, policies, or strategies implemented within law enforcement agencies are rarely evaluated regarding their effectiveness. Did the program or strategy have the desired outcome? Unfortunately, we usually do not know for sure. Sometimes, however, an agency’s program or strategy is challenged by a local community group or politician, or a policy is challenged by an […]

Developing Organizational Performance Leadership