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Bill Bongle

Captain, Green Bay Police Department, WI (Ret.)

Bill Bongle is one of the nation’s leading authorities on community and problem oriented policing. He is a 29 year police veteran, rising to the rank of Captain before retiring from the Green Bay Police Department in 2015. Bill’s unique blend of community engagement skills, experiences and down-to-earth personality have made him a sought after presenter at conferences across the US and the UK.

Bill works with public safety professionals like you to develop innovative ways of building trust and partnerships with your community. He coauthored “Street Sweeping, Broadway Style”, a project which won the International Herman Goldstein Award. His work has been published in various law enforcement publications including the Center for Problem Oriented Policing and the Police Executive Research Forum. He was also instrumental in developing a number of initiatives including: Green Bay’s first Community Policing team, the “no sell list” for chronic alcohol abusers, chronic nuisance abatement program, Green Bay’s “Armadillo” nuisance abatement vehicle, the WOW Awards customer service program, and the Green Bay Police Department’s social media presence. Bill’s ongoing thirst for knowledge motivated him to continue his education, graduating in 2013 summa cum laude and earning a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Management from Concordia University. Bill is also a technology buff and was trained as a computer forensic analyst. His interest in aviation and technology drew him into the world of drones. He has developed a very unique training program for public safety on investigating drone related incidents, the first training of its kind in the nation.

Bill lives in NE Wisconsin with his wife of 32 years, Beth and his hyperactive border collie. He has two children and two grandsons.

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