Dr. James Klopovic

Dr. James Klopovic


Dr. Klopovic holds a Doctorate of Public Policy from Charles Sturt University, Sydney Australia, with concentration on how to develop and sustain local service projects.  His successful Capacity Building model for sustainable service ideas is explained via working projects on school readiness, community policing, delinquency prevention, serving mental health consumers, reducing recidivism and reducing prison populations.  He served as a senior staffer on The North Carolina Governor's Crime Commission for nearly 25 years and he is proudly retired from the United States Air Force.  He served in multiple locales including South East Asia and the Middle East in numerous capacities including as a logistics line officer, training detachment commander, Department of Defense Advisor (from 1977-78) to the Imperial Iranian Air Force, Area Recruiter for the ROTC and Air Force Academy and Associate Professor, Arizona State University.


Dr. Klopovic has 45 years of experience in the public sector providing leadership at federal, state and local levels with subject matter expertise in strategic planning, municipal governance, financial development, federal granting, community and organizational development, project planning, implementation, operation/expansion and evaluation.


He developed numerous programs one of which was detailing the processes and procedures for establishing School Resource Officers in our schools which led to a $10M bill from the NC General Assembly and nearly a decade of sustained granting from the NC Governor’s Crime Commission to fund SROs statewide.  SROs grew from 200 in 1995 to over 1000 officers in 2016 - and growing - resulting in safer learning environments statewide and a national model for safer schools.  Dr. Klopovic has served as the principal investigator/project director on a series of research projects to analyze and propose model local projects which led to granting initiatives for dozens of municipal and state initiatives.  His technical support to numerous local government entities created and enhanced services ideas such as delinquency prevention, reentry and decriminalizing the mentally ill.  He has broad experience in logistics, training and education as well as project and program design, implementation, management and building program and organizational permanency.  He has authored or collaborated on numerous publications on community policing, community development and effective/efficient delivery of public services.

Dr. Klopovic consults and advises on granting and funding development, local service project development, training development, project process and impact evaluation, strategic and tactical planning, and developing the public safety professional for the 21st Century.


BELIEF:  Dr. James Klopovic believes in the character of the individual – Everyone has basic dignity, goodness and especially potential to strive and accomplish which deserve respect.


PHILOSOPHY OF SERVICE:  Dr. Klopovic’s philosophy of service is expressed in the name of his company, AFFINITAS, which means relationship or connection.  Reputation has to be continuously earned.  He believes productive work begins by developing mutually trusting working relationships which progress to long-term friendships.  “Why do anything if you can’t make friends.”


His books include:

Effective Program Practices for At-Risk Youth:  A Continuum of Community Based Programs, Civic Research Institute, Inc., 2003. .

From the Bottom-Up – Reforming the Criminal Justice System with Capacity Building, Reentry and a Movement.  Expected release for the book series, summer 2017.

Developing Organizational Performance Leadership