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Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll

Sergeant, Providence (RI) Police Department

Sergeant Sean Carroll is a decorated veteran of the Providence (RI) Police Department who currently serves as a Patrol Bureau Supervisor. He has accumulated a unique wealth of real world experiences in various positions over the last 20 years in a capital city department that has over 440 members. His rare combination of street & investigative experience, combined with an extensive educational and training background, provide the foundation for his expertise and give his presentations an exceptional level of credibility. Sergeant Carroll enjoys sharing a quick wit and laid back sense of humor with his audiences which makes his classes both memorable and entertaining. He is passionate about helping to develop the next generation of legendary leaders and it shows in his energetic teaching style.

In addition to earning numerous advanced level certifications in a wide range of public safety and emergency management topics, Sergeant Carroll received his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Roger Williams University and his Master’s degree in Criminal Justice Studies from Boston University. He is also a veteran (Sergeant) of the United States Marine Corps.

Sergeant Carroll has successfully trained hundreds of students over many years as he continues to pursue what he loves most: mentoring and teaching. He can be reached via email at

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