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Active Shooter Events: When Rushing In Isn’t Your Best Tactical Option

Active Shooter Events: When Rushing In Isn’t Your Best Tactical Option

  • Harry P. Dolan
    Chief of Police (Ret.)
  • Scott W. Phillips
    Scott W. Phillips, PhD
  • Dr. Richard Johnson
    Chief Academic Officer
  • May 13, 2020
  • 2:00 - 4:00pm EST
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  • $95.00 per registered attendee
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  • $95.00 for the first attendee - $50.00 per each additional attendee
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  • $995.00

“Active shooter” incidents and the police response to them receive considerable attention. There is a public expectation that officers should immediately enter active shooter events. After the incident at the Columbine High School, policing changed its training to emphasize the need for small teams of officers to engage an active shooter. More recent training has focused on single officers handling an active shooter.

There are aspects of police culture which support proactive officer action to handle an active shooter, but other parts of their culture emphasize safety. Thus, components of the police culture conflict when it comes to dealing with an active shooter event. This can impact how officers respond to these types of events.

This webinar will review the current understanding of active shooter events and how police officers should respond to these cases. Further, it will provide a discussion of the police and how they see their behavior when responding to an active shooter event. The available evidence has implications for police officers and administrators who may have to deal with these types of violent events.

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