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Managing Off-Duty Work in Law Enforcement

Managing Off-Duty Work in Law Enforcement

  • Matt Dolan
    Attorney & Director, Dolan Consulting Group, NC
  • May 16, 2022
Course Length:
  • 2-hour
  • 2:00 - 4:00pm EST
Individual Fee:
  • $95.00 per registered attendee
Group Rate:
  • $95.00 for the first attendee - $50.00 per each additional attendee
Agency Pricing:
  • Please contact us for an agency-wide pricing quote

Officers throughout the country accept off-duty work assignments to help “make ends meet.”  Their presence is often considered vital by off-duty employers who want to secure the safety of their customers with the help of highly trained uniformed law enforcement officers.  Additionally, many argue that the presence of these officers working off-duty represents a “force multiplier” in a time of under-staffing.

However, as with any other aspect of police work, there are significant liability and safety issues associated with these off-duty work assignments.

In this webinar training, Attorney Matt Dolan will discuss:

· Agency liability when officers act “under color of law” off duty

· Addressing officer fatigue

· Practical policies that allow agency leaders to manage secondary employment effectively

· Light duty and secondary employment

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