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Reconsidering Hiring Requirements for Police Officers

Reconsidering Hiring Requirements for Police Officers

  • Matt Dolan
    Attorney & Director, Dolan Consulting Group, NC
  • Jul 28, 2022
Course Length:
  • 2-hour
  • 2:00 - 4:00pm EST
Individual Fee:
  • $95.00 per registered attendee
Group Rate:
  • $95.00 for the first attendee - $50.00 per each additional attendee
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In recent weeks, the United States military has begun publicly acknowledging recruiting struggles similar to the ones experienced by law enforcement agencies across the country in the past several years. Military leaders point to a shrinking pool of young applicants who can meet the physical requirements of the armed forces, while also meeting standards related to substance abuse and mental health. 

These same factors impact the recruiting efforts of local, county, and state law enforcement agencies who strive to find men and women who can meet the basic qualifications while also demonstrating the social skills necessary to perform police functions.

In the midst of these immense recruiting challenges, law enforcement agencies should be seriously discussing their existing hiring requirements—particularly Automatic Disqualifiers—in light of the mathematical realities that they face in terms of the number of officers that they are authorized to hire and the size of the applicant pool from which they can select.

In this two hour webinar, Attorney Matt Dolan will discuss:

  • Acknowledging a difficult equation—staffing numbers, deployment priorities, and hiring standards
  • Comparing military recruiting data to your agency to find common problems and possible responses
  • Distinguishing “Automatic Disqualifiers” from common-sense disqualifiers
  • Engaging in uncomfortable but necessary conversations surrounding changing cultural norms and hiring standards
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