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Systemic Racism in Policing or Scapegoating? The Facts on Racial Inequality and Police Brutality

Systemic Racism in Policing or Scapegoating? The Facts on Racial Inequality and Police Brutality

  • Harry P. Dolan
    Chief of Police (Ret.)
  • Jun 10, 2021
  • 2:00 - 4:00pm EST
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  • $95.00 per registered attendee
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In the public discussion surrounding the topic of police use of force, many disturbing claims have been made by community activists, the news media, and elected officials.  Is there evidence to support the idea that systemic racism in policing presents a constant threat to the safety of Black Americans?  Or is the overriding issue, as President Obama stated in his October 27, 2015 address to the International Association of Chiefs of Police, that “too often law enforcement gets scapegoated for broader failures of our society”? 

In this two-hour webinar, Chief Harry P. Dolan (Ret.) will discuss the evidence demonstrating that, while any unjustified use of force by the police is unacceptable, the idea that police brutality is rampant is a prominent and rarely challenged talking point that can only be confronted with facts.  

Perhaps even more concerning, as well as factually wrong, is the idea that police brutality is the societal problem facing Black Americans.  It seems much more likely, based on the facts, that placing the primary responsibility and burden on the police is an all too common way for many to avoid asking more difficult and painful questions.  Those questions are associated with why racial inequalities persist unabated in our most challenged communities where police service is so disproportionately needed.

All attendees will receive copies of the webinar presentation PowerPoint to assist them in communicating more effectively with community groups, elected officials and others in their community who are too often presented with a narrative on this topic that bears little resemblance to reality.

It is vital that law enforcement professionals be provided with the facts and supporting information so that they can effectively confront misinformation which often times results in scapegoating the police.  If unchallenged, the popular myth that police brutality is rampant and is the primary expression of racial inequality in America can result in reckless policy decisions that endanger officers and the very citizens that they protect

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