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The 2020 Homicide Spike—Examining the Data

The 2020 Homicide Spike—Examining the Data

  • Dr. Richard Johnson
    Chief Academic Officer
  • Feb 08, 2021
  • 2:00 - 4:00pm EST
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The year 2020 likely saw the greatest one-year surge in homicide rate in all of the years the U.S. has been tracking homicide statistics. While the official national statistics have not yet been reported, numerous individual communities across the nation have already reported that their homicides in 2020 increases by 25% to 180% over figures from 2019.

What are the characteristics of this nationwide homicide surge?  What types of homicides appear to have increased?  Where do they appear to be occurring?  Do they have any unique features? What are the potential explanations for this nationwide homicide surge?  Is there evidence to support these potential explanations? 

This webinar will rely on data from several municipalities to examine the 2020 crime surge and try to answer the questions above.  The answers to these questions are essential in assuring that criminal justice policy-makers are better informed about what is potentially the greatest violent crime emergency our nation has faced in modern history.  In this webinar, Dr. Richard Johnson will discuss the following:

  • The Crime Characteristics
    • Circumstances
    • Motive
    • Location
    • Time
  • The Offender Characteristics
    • Sex
    • Age
    • Background
  • The Victim Characteristics
    • Sex
    • Age
    • Background
  • The Potential Explanations
    • Stress of 2020 Events
    • Sudden Economic Decline
    • Offender Population
  • Conclusion
    • Your Results May Vary
    • Awaiting Official Data
    • Need to Make Reasonable Policy Decisions
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