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Evidence-Based Recruiting and Retention Analysis

Evidence-Based Recruiting and Retention Analysis

Law enforcement agencies across the country are struggling to recruit enough quality applicants to fill officer vacancies. Many are also under increasing pressure to obtain greater gender and racial diversity in their hiring process.

As a result, law enforcement agencies need evidence-based solutions to increase the effectiveness of their recruiting efforts and retain the good personnel they already have working within their agency.

Through an Evidence-Based Recruiting and Retention Analysis, our team will study your existing personnel and, through statistical analysis, determine:

• What factors led your current employees to become officers
• Why they joined your specific agency
• What your agency is doing right in terms of officer retention
• What is most likely to result in your current officers leaving for another agency or another profession

The findings will then result in a report tailored to your agency with an action plan of recommendations for how best to attract and retain more people like the officers your agency already employs and retain the officers you already have.

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