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Body-Worn Cameras, Civilian Recordings and Social Media—New Legal Challenges

Body-Worn Cameras, Civilian Recordings and Social Media—New Legal Challenges

  • Matt Dolan
    Attorney & Director, Dolan Consulting Group, NC
  • O'Fallon, MO
  • Midwest
  • Jun 20, 2019
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  • $195.00

A new level of society-wide transparency has accompanied technological developments in recording and in individuals’ ability to engage in public expression through social media.  This has presented law enforcement agencies with new opportunities in identifying suspects, solving crimes and holding officers accountable to agency standards of conduct.  It has also presented these agencies with significant challenges.  Most notable of these challenges is a level of transparency and scrutiny for officers—on and off the job—that is unprecedented.

Significant liability and public relations issues are emerging due to the practical and policy challenges associated with body-worn camera programs, the ease with which officers are recorded in the field and the ability of officers to share controversial opinions and workplace grievances to a public audience through social media.

This evolving landscape necessitates training that incorporates the latest statutory legal developments, court decisions and noteworthy case studies from throughout the country.  This course will prepare law enforcement professionals to craft and implement policies that reflect an understanding of these areas of emerging legal liability.

Body-Worn Cameras:

  • Should YOUR agency adopt body-worn cameras?
  • The costs associated with implementation—the cost of the camera may just be the beginning
  • State-specific open records laws—how they could affect your decision to implement body-worn cameras
  • When poorly implemented programs actually weaken public trust
    Balancing officer safety and public transparency

Civilian Recordings:

  • Civilians’ right to record
  • Is it getting harder to hide our problem officers?
  • Taking the cell phone out of the equation—easier said than done
  • Limits on the right to record—reasonable time, place and manner
  • Preparing officers for the new reality of heightened transparency

Social Media:

  • Officers’ freedom of speech rights in the age of social media
  • Politics and social media
  • Conduct unbecoming standards—do they apply to social media?
  • The millennial generation—saving them from themselves through preventative training
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