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Rediscovering the Noble History of Policing in America

Rediscovering the Noble History of Policing in America

  • Matt Dolan
    Attorney & Director, Dolan Consulting Group, NC
  • Webinar, N/A
  • Feb 22, 2024
Course Length:
  • 2-hour
Registration Fee:
    • $125.00 for the first attendee – $75.00 per each additional attendee

As law enforcement leaders grapple with recruiting, retention and officer morale crises, one topic rarely seems to come to the forefront amidst the conversations about hiring bonuses and the elimination of physical fitness standards—How did we get here and where are going? 

Prominent voices in our society falsely claim that to sign on for a career in law enforcement is to join a profession with a history defined by racism, brutality and oppression that carries on to this day. A failure to confront this false narrative about the history of American policing is a missed opportunity on the part of police leaders. If this false narrative is allowed to dominate, the predictable outcome is the further erosion of public trust in the police and shrinking applicant pools. Furthermore, it betrays the sacrifices of generations of law enforcement officers who risked their lives to protect and serve.

Millions of Americans have a great deal of trust in the police and admire law enforcement officers for undertaking an extremely difficult and vitally needed vocation. But for those who support law enforcement, and even many of the law enforcement professionals who are in the arena, there seems to be a very serious need for a refresher course on the noble history of American policing.

In this two-hour webinar, Attorney Matt Dolan will offer attendees a concise reminder of:  

      1.  How American policing as we know it actually developed,
      2.  How the police in America have been a force for good in American history, and 
      3.  How American policing plays a pivotal role in creating a safer and more just society—particularly when compared to its counterparts throughout most of the world. 


Hiring and Retiring Healthy

  • “Thank you for doing this training! Every law enforcement & their families should have this training! SO IMPORTANT!”

-Detective, Utah

Verbal De-escalation: Surviving Verbal Conflict

  • “…Lt. Nieters’ ability to teach this class truly gripped me into seeing [that] I need a change. Hope to attend further training.”

-Patrolman, South Carolina

Improving Public Perception of the Police

  • “Harry Dolan was one of the best instructors I have encountered in 28 years of service.”

-Lieutenant, Wisconsin

Courageous Leadership for Today’s Public Safety

  • “Chief Dolan seamlessly fused his knowledge of history, law enforcement and leadership to provide a wealth of information on this topic. Two days flew by, great course!”

-Officer, Pennsylvania

Homicide Investigation

  • “This course was one of the best & most informative courses I have ever taken. Capt. Babcock’s expertise in the course matter is excellent.’

-Deputy, Florida

Making Discipline Stick

  • “I would consider Matt to be a master orator. Kept a serious topic interesting with his unique and fantastic sense of humor.”

-Detective, South Dakota

Verbal De-escalation

  • “One of/if not the best training I’ve attended. Chief’s lectures were relatable, accurate, and captivating. I really enjoyed the entire week.”

-Officer, Virginia

Taking the Lead: Courageous Leadership

  • “Very well done. [I] look forward to sending my police leaders to future Dolan Consulting Group trainings!

- Chief, Pennsylvania

Evidence-Based First-Line Supervision Training

  • “This should be required for ALL leaders (or people in command) across the nation.”

-Sergeant, Texas

Verbal De-escalation: Surviving Verbal Conflict

  • “I’ve sent 2 of my team members to Verbal De-Escalation. I’ve had it & it’s an amazing class. After encounters, I see the 180 degree difference in these young officers! I will petition to send all of them.”

-Attendee, North Carolina

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