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Remote Pilot-in-Command: Part 107 Drone Test Preparation Course

Remote Pilot-in-Command: Part 107 Drone Test Preparation Course

  • Bill Bongle
    Captain, Green Bay Police Department, WI (Ret.)
  • Frisco, TX
  • West
  • May 2, 2019
Registration Fee:
  • $250.00

Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (commonly referred to as sUAS or “drones”) are an emerging technology, which offers exciting possibilities for public safety. Drones are being used to aid in disaster relief, accident reconstruction, crime scene documentation, search for missing persons and to provide situational awareness for first responders.

This course is designed for public safety professionals seeking to obtain a license to operate an unmanned aircraft. This one-day class will help you prepare for and pass the FAA’s remote pilot exam, commonly referred to as the Part 107 Exam. The Part 107 Exam will test your knowledge of aviation regulations, rules of airspace, aeronautical decision making, aerodynamics, mission planning and other aviation related topics.

This comprehensive program has been specifically designed for public safety personnel, sworn and civilian. Captain Bill Bongle (Ret.) provides specialized sUAS training through strong law enforcement experience with policy development, public relations and liability. Captain Bongle is a licensed remote pilot with years of experience piloting sUAS and training new pilots.

  • Understanding the rules of airspace and how to read sectional flight charts
  • Developing a mission plan and how to conduct a proper pre-flight inspection
  • Understanding the regulations for unmanned aircraft (Part 107)
  • Learning why malfunctions occur and how to cope with inflight emergencies
  • How to read and interpret aviation weather reports
  • Overview of the FAA’s testing process; what to expect
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