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New Detective Training

Dolan Consulting Group provides the highest quality violent crime and homicide investigation training for new police detectives.

Officers’ actions upon first arriving at a crime scene are often the difference between a case getting solved or going unsolved. Violent crime and homicide investigations require detectives to understand basic investigative practices alongside the newest technology. Invest in your new detective career today by attending a criminal investigations class, viewing a webinar, or reading a research brief or legal article.

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Dolan Consulting Group provides the highest quality training in criminal investigation techniques for new detectives. Our instructors use real cases as examples to train new investigators on:

  • Knowing the responsibilities of the initial responding officer
  • Understanding the constitutional protections for lawfully collecting evidence
  • Conducting interviews with witnesses and suspects
  • Avoiding “confirmation bias”
  • Interacting with victims and victims’ families

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Why Dolan Consulting Group?

Many of our police and law enforcement classes are approved for state-specific continuing education credit. We are committed to not just help you fill your requirement but to give you the most up-to-date tools and techniques that are applicable to your public safety career. Dolan Consulting Group offers training across the United States, as well as research and consulting services. Instruction and consulting is provided by trainers with decades of experience to insure that when you gain new tools to improve your law enforcement career and your agency’s ability to protect and serve.

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