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Field Training Officer Course

Dolan Consulting Group provides police leadership and liability courses for Field Training Officers in webinar, live-stream or in-person format. Our courses provide attendees with the knowledge necessary to understand the role of FTOs as supervisors, teachers and evaluators during the probationary period.

The Field Training Officer courses from DCG help law enforcement leaders in honing the skills necessary to closely supervise probationary officers, provide corrective feedback and document any fundamental performance issues before the transition to full-time officer and the legal protections that comes with it. This course gives FTOs a comprehensive view of managing newly recruited officers – combining proactive leadership principles with practical and relevant training techniques for implementation within your agency’s FTO program.

This training is relevant for new and current police leaders that are involved in the process of supervising probationary officers and field training programs. 

Invest in improving your police field training skill set today by attending an FTO class, viewing a webinar or reading the latest research brief or article. 

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Our courses cover a variety of field training topics, including:

  • Utilizing the role of FTO for the purposes of vetting new officers and the long-term costs associated with ignoring “red flags” in the probationary period.
  • Engaging in corrective feedback and creating thorough documentation.
  • Making inherently subjective assessments as transparent and defensible as possible through the use of specific and objective rationale.
  • Confronting toxic behavior and effectively communicating fundamental performance issues up the chain of command.

Why Dolan Consulting Group?

Many of our police and law enforcement classes are approved for state-specific continuing education credit. We are committed to not just help you fill your requirement but to give you the most up-to-date tools and techniques that are applicable to your public safety career. Dolan Consulting Group offers training across the United States, as well as research and consulting services. Instruction and consulting is provided by trainers with decades of experience to insure that when you gain new tools to improve your law enforcement career and your agency’s ability to protect and serve.

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