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Don’t Lose the Agreeable People!

Psychological research has suggested that about 80% of the U.S. population is made up of agreeable people.1 Agreeable people are generally honest, seek to get along with others, are open to suggestions, and are compliant to most rules and authority. They can be young or old, rich or poor, male or female, and of any […]

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VIDEO – Rollcall Wisdom – Why Do We Need to Say the Pledge?

Rollcall Wisdom – Why Do We Need to Say the Pledge?

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VIDEO – Rollcall Wisdom – People Talk

Rollcall Wisdom – People Talk

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VIDEO – Rollcall Wisdom – Knock It Off

Rollcall Wisdom – Knock It Off

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VIDEO – Rollcall Wisdom – Community Policing

Rollcall Wisdom – Community Policing

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VIDEO – Rollcall Wisdom – Guardians of the Peace

Rollcall Wisdom – Guardians of the Peace

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VIDEO – Rollcall Wisdom – Brush ‘Em Off

Rollcall Wisdom – Brush ‘Em Off

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VIDEO – Rollcall Wisdom – The 24-Hour Rule

Rollcall Wisdom Introduction

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VIDEO – Rollcall Wisdom Introduction

Rollcall Wisdom Introduction

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VIDEO – Rollcall Wisdom – Smiley Gilbert

Rollcall Wisdom – Smiley Gilbert

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Communicating Performance Expectations to Officers

It seems like common sense that if you want someone to do something for you, you would simply ask or tell that individual what you need to be accomplished. It would seem that this strategy of simply telling people what you need, is a better strategy than expecting people to intuitively know or read subtle […]

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VIDEO – Rollcall Wisdom – Sterile Cockpit Rule

Rollcall Wisdom – Sterile Cockpit Rule

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Examining the Facts on Implicit Bias

A number of sources have claimed that public employees are influenced by implicit biases. The U.S. Department of Justice, the Police Executive Research Forum, and the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, for example, have suggested that law enforcement officers hold unconscious, implicit biases against people of color.1 It has been argued that these implicit […]

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The ‘Language of the Street’ Fallacy

In our Surviving Verbal Conflict® and Winning Back Your Community courses we caution law enforcement officers to avoid using what is called the ‘language of the street.’ The language of the street refers to profanity and other abrasive language often used by the criminal element in some neighborhoods. While most officers agree that using this […]

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Verbal Contact and Cover Protecting Your Colleagues and Your Profession

Far too often today, I believe, police officers are being ‘rope-a-doped’ by manipulative people out on the street. Taken from the tactic famously employed by boxing legend Muhammad Ali, the ‘rope-a-dope’ is when a challenging or manipulative person says things that are intentionally crafted to get under your skin, make you angry, and get you […]

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Confronting the “Gypsy Cops” Problem: Understanding State Statutes that Give Legal Protections to Those Who Speak Out

The national problem of “gypsy cops” is not a new one. Toxic officers engage in misconduct in one agency after another over the course of a career and, in the meantime, inflict damage to agency reputation and morale along the way. These officers leave one agency where they are widely known to be a serious […]

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Street Sergeants Leading by Example: The Evidence

Leadership in law enforcement, especially at the street level, is extremely important at a time when there is evidence of de-policing in certain neighborhoods and communities across the country, contributing to rising crime levels in those areas.i There is a strong temptation for many officers, in light of a barrage of negative media attention and […]

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Improving Police-Minority Relations: The Out-of-Car Experience

In the wake of a significant increase in officer deaths from violent attacks and unceasing criticism by media outlets, political figures and other groups in 2016, citizen satisfaction and confidence in the police in America has actually rebounded from a pattern of decline that has been going on since the early 1970s. In 1968, Gallup Poll data showed […]

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Political Retaliation Claims by Public Sector Employees

In May of 2016, 6 school district employees received a $880,000 settlement after being allegedly reassigned and having their wages cut for supporting the opposing political slate in board elections in Donna, TX. In October 2016, a former police offer received a $1.6 million settlement after the city’s mayor allegedly caused his demotion from detective […]

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Inconsistent Employee Discipline

Have you ever tried to suspend or terminate an employee for a serious act of misconduct, only to have this discipline reversed by a judge or grievance arbitrator? If so, you are not alone. Current research reveals that 5 out of 10 public employees are successful in having their discipline overturned when challenging their employers […]

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The 24-Hour Rule

Information delivered in the midst of a crisis is often inaccurate. It has been my experience that the first wave of information, gathered in a hurried or excited manner, always contains some inaccuracies. Sometimes, as public safety leaders, we have no choice but to make quick decisions based on incomplete information when dealing with emergency […]

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A Cell Phone Camera is NOT a “Get Out of Jail Free” Card

The proliferation of recording devices has resulted in a new reality for police officers: encountering civilians who are recording them as they do their job. While the Supreme Court has yet to give law enforcement officers a clear definition of the constitutional right to record (subject to reasonable time, place and manner restrictions), the writing […]

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What Effects do School Resource Officers Have on Schools?

Over the last two years there has been a small, but very vocal, segment of the U.S. population that has raised concerns in opposition to having law enforcement officers permanently assigned to schools as school resource officers (SROs). Those in opposition to school resource officers have claimed that assigning officers to schools has resulted in […]

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Biased-Based Policing Reports Are Failing the Police and the Community

Recent public opinion surveys have revealed that the vast majority of Americans believe that use of racial profiling by the police is widespread.1 This is deeply disturbing for two reasons. First, it is disturbing because it undermines police legitimacy among the vast majority of our citizens. Second, it is disturbing because the vast majority of […]

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Getting Rid of Bad Apples: Winning at Arbitration

Research has repeatedly revealed that a very few individuals commit the vast majority of the serious misconduct experienced within public agencies—from law enforcement to the fire service to public schools. For example, one study in Chicago found that only 4.5% of elementary school teachers and administrators were responsible for the falsification of the standardized test […]

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Developing Organizational Performance Leadership